Nick Hawley

Nick Hawley

Nick has been diving since 1988, that makes him rather old and is now showing signs of dementia. (So if he takes you diving - make sure he has remembered all his kit). He loves diving and always enjoys showing the wonders of the murk at Whytecliff to unsuspecting warm water divers. In fact - talking of poor visibility - Nick has an uncanny knack for losing students - so make sure you keep close to him (use a leash if possible). Nick has been referred to as the living diving museum - some pieces of his kit are older than him! (and most seem to still work fairly effectively, most of the time).

If you love marine life - don’t bother diving with Nick - you must treat a dive with Nick as a scavenger hunt with rewards (you wont be fined by the shop for losing stuff), in fact Nick loves diving with divers who drop pieces of gear at regular intervals - so he can spend most of his time searching for them. (He's still a weight pouch and fin on his list of things to find).

Nick is a divemaster and master diver, he also teaches sailing - so occasionally gets confused - blows up his BCD and drysuit and floats off up Howe sound - don’t follow him!

Nick is great with students and loves teaching - as long as it is not in the morning - he's not a morning person, so please adjust your dive time to suit. As a qualified mechanical engineer - Nick is well known for staring long and hard at your broken bits of gear, before deciding that he knows nothing about it and gets help from others.

Finally - with a famously small bladder - be prepared to assist Nick with frequent cramps as he attempts to dive with minimum fluid intake!"

Nick Hawley

CYA, IYT Instructor, Skipper, PADI Divemaster

P.s. This bio is mostly made in jest and inline with Nicks sense of humor.

Favorite Dive Spots

  • Somewhere under water.


  • CYA
  • IYT Instructor
  • Skipper
  • PADI Divemaster