John Congdon

John Congdon

Dive History: I learned to dive in 2002 off the Island of Vis, Croatia. It was the first activity I had ever done where I was completely focused in the moment. I was hooked! Since then I have logged over 500 dives and qualified as a PADI Dive Master (2006) and PADI Instructor (2008).

On Diving: Life underwater is so unique and different from what we see on land. I often feel like I am in a race to see as much as I can before it disappears. The good news is that I have witnessed marine environments recover from devastating pollution and life return to places thought barren. Divers have had a great impact advocating on behalf of the marine environment and I am proud to be part of this ecological movement.

Favourite Dives: There have been so many! Night diving with Giant Mantas off Kona, Hawaii, Sea Lion pups off Hornby Island, BC, walls of strawberry anemones near Quadra Island, BC and seeing my first Giant Pacific Octopus near Sechelt, BC top the list. I also was in awe of the spectacular diversity of life off Papua New Guinea and Anilao, Philippines.

Favourite Warm Water Dive Locations: Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea; Anilao, Philippines; Astrolabe Reef, Fiji.

Favourite BC Dive Locations: North Vancouver Island, Egmont, Barkley Sound

Favorite Dive Spots

  • North Vancouver Island
  • Egmont
  • Barkley Sound
  • Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea
  • Anilao, Philippines
  • Astrolabe Reef, Fiji


  • PADI - IDC