About Us

Who is responsible for Sea to Sky Scuba?

Our mission at Sea To Sky Scuba is to show the world the ocean in each individual’s best personal way…. Sea to Sky Scuba has been a long time coming. There have been institutions that helped build up the foundation of our location but at this new institution we only have one goal: that is to uphold our mission. We ask that you come join us to help grow our dream and to join our community. We will take you places, introduce you to others, and give you experiences that will make you see part of our wonderful world in very different ways.

Whether it be scuba diving, snorkeling, or any version of under water sports, we aspire to outfit you with what you need for your goals and will not settle until you are satisfied. With equipment and in depth training materials covering all areas from basic entry level, to the most technical, we aspire to provide the best service to all water sports enthusiasts. (To cover this we would like to introduce you to our team members who all have their own unique interests and specialties.

Dive Masters

Karen Wille

PADI Dive Master

Karen started diving in 1998 in the warmer waters of Southern Africa, before relocating to Canada in 2000 and completed her PADI Divemaster in 2010. Her favourite warm water diving has been with...

Nick Hawley

Dive Master

Nick has been diving since 1988, that makes him rather old and is now showing signs of dementia. (So if he takes you diving - make sure he has remembered all his kit). He loves diving and always...

Karen Jackson

Dive Master

Karen first got certified as a diver 11 years ago, and has been a dive master for a year. She has always loved being in and around the water, first as a...


John Congdon

PADI Specialty Instructor

Dive History: I learned to dive in 2002 off the Island of Vis, Croatia. It was the first activity I had ever done where I was completely focused in the moment. I was hooked! Since then I have logged...

Otto Wille

Padi Master Instructor

Otto started diving in 1991 in the warmer waters of Southern Africa, becoming a PADI Divemaster in 1997 and an Instructor in 1998, before relocating to Canada in 2000. His entire family - wife,...

Cam Jackson


Cam is a trusted instructor at Sea to Sky; you'll see him bouncing around the shop with a big grin, usually making jokes and the like at everyone's expense. He's been in the biz for quite some time,...


Edi Mange

IT Guy and Noob Diver

My name is Edi Mange and I love being in and on the water. Got certified in 2005 for my trip to Hawaii, did a bunch of dives there, then stopped...... Now I'm diving again! I'm the local IT guy who...