Spring SALE!!! Prices for NEW and USED gear

By Katie Gerstle |

NEW and USED gear blowout sale! Sat. April 1st & Sun. April 2nd

Up to 30% off in-store items!

70% off the purchase of our used rental gear!

Used rental gear:

Regulator sets: $450-$750

BCDs: $150-$300

Drysuits: $500-$850

Wetsuits: $200

Cylinders: $200

Masks: $10-$30

Snorkels: $15

Hoods: $20-$60

Gloves: $20-$45

Boots: $20-$60

Fins: $20-$120

Dive computers: $300

New gear:

10% off: Open heel fins, dive computers

15% off: Topical fins, shorty wetsuits, masks, boots, Aqualung snorkel packages, accessories

20% off: Snorkels, heavy fins, wetsuits

Up to 30% off: semi-dry and drysuits

$700-$750 for BRAND NEW regulators!