Diving Hornby Island

By Katie Gerstle |

Sunsets. Scuba diving. Sea lions. Sea lions being chased by orcas... We got it all.

It's safe to say that we had an unforgettable weekend.

For three days in March, our dive crew got to experience what was truly the best of west coast diving. Rob and Amanda at Hornby Island Diving were very good to us; from the copious amounts of delicious food (that only a hungry school of divers knows how to pack away), to the diving experiences themselves, we were spoiled by their hospitality, and humbled by what we got to experience on and below the waves.

Not only were we surrounded (and on some occasions dogpiled) by curious Steller sea lions at any given point, we were also treated to a show by a local pod of orcas, who came to prey on the sea lions. Getting to witness an event like that first hand (and safely out of the water) was just the icing on top of an already impressive cake.

After long days of diving, eating, diving and eating, no one wanted to leave. So we compromised, and said that we'd be back soon!

Feeling like you missed out? Don't worry, here's a recap of the trip from our YouTube account!

Thank you to our divers for sharing their photos with us: Karen Jackson, Henrik Olsson, Kevin Csapko, Travis Stewart, and Domenico Battaglia at konoart.com.