Delving into Divers' Weekend

By Katie Gerstle |

Dive kits. Booths. Gear. Pamphlets. Video reels. More gear. A bunch of kids in a candy store. You can see all of these things at the Vancouver Aquarium's Divers' Weekend.​

We had a great time at the 19th Annual Divers' Weekend, hosted by the Vancouver Aquarium!

Dive enthusiasts from all over western Canada came to join in the fun – dive shops, charters, conservationists, instructors, vendors, naturalists, hard hat heritage folks, and even the Canadian Coast Guard.

As someone who has never been a part of Divers' Weekend before, I can say wholeheartedly that the best part of the weekend is the camaraderie. The "kid in a candy shop" sensation is infectious; it's hard not to get excited by that unreal underwater photography set up, or the sheer strength of those new dive lights, or just how cool it is to see someone decked out in head-to-toe commercial search and recovery gear.... in a massive indoor fish tank.

Divers and non-divers alike were engaged, talking, asking questions, learning, collecting stickers from every vendor available, and most of all, just getting stoked about diving.

I learned a lot this weekend. I met some unreal people in the diving community. I love diving, but after Divers' Weekend, I'm happy to say that, like a fine wine, this love affair gets better with age.