By Travis |

I woke up early one morning in June to join Travis and Nikita for a dawn dive before work. We met at the shop, shared some take out coffee and watermelon for breakfast, loaded up Travis’ trusty vehicle and set off in style.

Today was a special day, my first wet suit dive in the ocean in over 300 dives! I was quite hesitant to abandon my lovely, toasty warm dry suit but Nikita and Travis were so gung-ho I decided I had to be brave and join them. We suited up and waddled over to the stairs at Porteau cove and jumped in at high tide. The waters felt pretty chilly to me at first, but after a few fin kicks I forgot all about being cold and enjoyed the relatively great visibility!

We visited the Granthall, saw some shag carpet nudibranchs, some great mother ling cods suspiciously eyeing us as we swam past their styrofoam looking egg clutches, and lots of plumose anemones with squat lobsters crouching at their bases, waving their claws menacingly at us. The Dungeness crabs were in full mating season lust, the larger males romantically clutching the smaller females to their chests in protective (and amorous) embraces as they skittered away to make more baby crabs in private.

We scared the daylight out of some flounders and chilled with some pipefish on the way back to the beach. The water at this point felt positively warm and I really didn’t want to get out. A bus of tourists were there as we rose out of the water and they lost their minds when conceded to pose for pictures with them. Many hugs and hand shakes later they left and we peeled off our suits, packed up and set off to start a day of work! What a great way to wake up in Vancouver!