Night Diver Certification

Get Night certified with Sea To Sky Scuba

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Why you should try it!

Diving at night is an experience of a lifetime, the moment you break the surface of the ocean at night it’s like you’re entering yet again another whole new world. The animals and dive sites you knew like the back of your hand during the day change, at night the face of the ocean truly changes and all the nocturnal animals come to life. During certain parts of the year diving in Vancouver is always essentially night diving, which is why if you’re an avid diver in Vancouver we recommend this specialty for you!

Whats involved?

The night Diver specialty is made up of 2 dives, during which you will learn to control your buoyancy by feel, communicate with lights, how to navigate the site above and below the water at night, and to identify the different types of life and how to interact with them.

Whats required?

PADI (Junior) Open Water Divers or higher, who are at least 12 years old, can enroll in the Night Diver specialty course. A sense of adventure!

What will you use?

Along with your personal scuba gear (mask and snorkel) you’ll need a primary Dive light or torch and a back-up light is highly recommended. The staff here at Sea to Sky Scuba will be more than able to accommodate you in purchasing or renting a light for your course.

Night Diver Certification


  • Included:
  • Night Diver manual
  • Transportation to and from the site.
  • 2 Ocean Dives
  • Exposure Suit
  • Fins
  • BCD
  • Regulator
  • SPG
  • Weights
  • Tanks of air
  • Hot chocolate, coffee, and snacks.
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  • Peronsal items: Mask, Snorkel
  • Basic Scuba Kit: Tank, Fins, BCD, Regulator, Weights
  • Missing Gear?All gear can be rented or bought at the shop!